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In the Aiken SC areas of workers compensation and personal injury, Belinda Ellison is simply your most experienced choice.

Additionally, she has represented clients in these areas of law for over 25 years and has a commitment to helping her clients as a native of South Carolina. Whether it is a personal injury case involving a car, truck, or other automobile and there was significant injury or death resulting from the negligence of the other driver, we can not stress enough the importance in immediately hiring an attorney in Aiken to discuss your case and get answers to the questions you will have. Our law firm does offer free consultations on all personal injury and workers compensation cases for Aiken, SC residents. You can call us at (803)359-5582 or email us.

After reviewing THIS ARTICLE, If you still have general questions please use the form at the end of this article to ask them, but keep in mind that we are very limited in what we can say until we know more about your case and are actually representing you.

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Workers Compensation Aiken SC lawyer personal injury. Belinda Ellison has over 25 years of experience in insurance claims, and getting you the money you need after being hurt at work injuries. She represents clients in Aiken SC with due diligence and car and is aggressive in working with the other party insurance companies when you have been hurt in a automobile accident car injuries. Boating injuries from negligence. Construction accidents motorcycle and product liability. Belinda Ellison is a native of upstate South Carolina and loves the lawyer Aiken SC community.

You can contact us today to learn more about our free consultation fee and to talk with our staff to schedule a time for us to meet you. When you are hurt, you need a tough SC Aiken personal injury lawyer for car accidents truck, slip and fall, product liability, other party negligence, and construction accidents motorcycle. We can help you fill out the insurance claims, get a rental car, get you seen by medical doctors after being hurt on the the job, and help prepare for years down the road if your injuries cause pain and suffering from neck injuries back related to a car accident. A SC personal injury attorney needs to understand current laws and to be aggressive from insurance companies that want you to settle for an amount of money that will not cover your medical bills. Aiken personal injury is an area of the law where time is literally of the essence.

A SC workers compensation attorney can help you navigate injuries that take place while on the job where an employer was not following OSHA guidelines, or his/her own safety policy manual. Aiken employers, like insurance companies many times are looking out for themselves and you need a good Aiken workers compensation attorney who can look after your rights as a worker. When you are hurt on the job, you need compensation to handle the doctor bills and any disabilities that arise from injury or negligent accident. Call us in lawyer Aiken SC today.


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