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In the Sumter SC areas of workers compensation and personal injury, Belinda Ellison is simply your most experienced choice.

Additionally, she has represented clients in these areas of law for over 25 years and has a commitment to helping her clients as a native of South Carolina. Whether it is a personal injury case involving a car, truck, or other automobile and there was significant injury or death resulting from the negligence of the other driver, we can not stress enough the importance in immediately hiring an attorney in Sumter to discuss your case and get answers to the questions you will have. Our law firm does offer free consultations on all personal injury and workers compensation cases for Sumter, SC residents. You can call us at (803)359-5582 or email us.

After reviewing THIS ARTICLE, If you still have general questions please use the form at the end of this article to ask them, but keep in mind that we are very limited in what we can say until we know more about your case and are actually representing you.

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workers compensation Sumter SC lawyer personal injury dealing in matters where employees get hurt on the job and they do not know how to proceed in matters. Whether to do to a private doctor or a doctor the the employer sends your to. Does the insurance claims medical get paid straight by the employer or does the employee have to be reimbursed by the employer?

How long do you have in Sumter SC before you have to file a workers compensation claim? And what happens if I leave that place of employment and the injury I suffered at work becomes and issue again? Sumter SC personal injury lawyer is a very complicated area of law and involves helping people who have been injured in car accidents motorcycle, construction jobs and other manual labor dangerous jobs, and truck accidents boating where negligence cause injury catastrophic or even death. SC Sumter personal injury lawyer can help you dealing with all paperwork related to medical injuries and psychological issues related to pain and suffering. Personal injury SC also deal with product negligence claims and recalls where injury resulted in pain and suffering, injury, paralysis, or death. SC Sumter workers compensation lawyer services is a bit like personal injury in that we help with getting you in to see a doctor and making sure that injuries suffered at the time of the accident are cared for years later whether it was on the job or in a automobile accident. What time frame to you have to file an insurance claim medical in Sumter SC?

Workers compensation Sumter SC personal injury, Belinda Ellison has over 25 years of experience in working with these types of cases, has excellent reviews and rating, and offers a free consultation on these types or workers rights and accident claims in Sumter SC.


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