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Belinda Ellison is an attorney who represents clients in Columbia SC in the areas of workers compensation and personal injury.

Additionally, she has represented clients in these areas of law for over 25 years and has a commitment to helping her clients as a native of South Carolina. Whether it is a personal injury case involving a car, truck, or other automobile and there was significant injury or death resulting from the negligence of the other driver, we can not stress enough the importance in immediately hiring an attorney in Columbia to discuss your case and get answers to the questions you will have. Our law firm does offer free consultations on all personal injury and workers compensation cases for Columbia, SC residents. You can call us at (803)359-5582 or email us.

After reviewing THIS ARTICLE, If you still have general questions please use the form at the end of this article to ask them, but keep in mind that we are very limited in what we can say until we know more about your case and are actually representing you.

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Personal injury Columbia attorney workers compensation for motorcycle accidents car, construction accidents automobile or if you get hurt while on the job. We help with insurance claims, doctor’s bills, rental car and help your family get the money you deserve. We will be an advocate for you against the opposing insurance company and can help you with paperwork and getting you to see a doctor.

Belinda Ellison has represented clients in Columbia SC for 25 years and is a very competent workers compensation Columbia personal injury handling cases involving slip and falls and negligent products and catastrophic injuries and even death from automobile accidents motorcycle and construction accidents truck and automobile driver negligence.

When you have an accident on the job or get hurt at work, you need a SC Columbia workers compensation attorney who has years of experience as a trial lawyer in navigating and being aggressive and diligent with the other insurance company Columbia SC.

Workers compensation attorney Columbia SC personal injury you need to act fast and not talk with the other insurance company. Time is of the essence in filing an insurance claim and getting to the doctors and having the insurance company pay your medical bills even if your slip and fall work related injury causes you pain and suffering years later. Belinda Ellison is a SC Columbia personal injury lawyer who wants to help as she is a local native to SC.

Whether it is a motorcycle accident or negligence of another driver, a boating accident negligence, or automobile accident personal injury attorney is needed immediately. Especially if your vehicle is totaled and you need to have a rental car. In the area of workers compensation then you need a lawyer who knows all the forms you need to fill out to get your lawsuit money fast. You also need a tough and aggressive trial attorney with great reviews and rating and one of the best lawyers in Columbia SC. Personal injury contact information with reviews and ratings.

Who is the best reviewed and rated Columbia SC workers compensation lawyer in the county? Do you need help with insurance companies? What about if you had a motorcycle accident boating out of product negligence? Belinda Ellison is here to represent you in injury Columbia SC workers.

An auto accident attorney car can help with the insurance companies, and medical expenses associated with an accident. These types of injuries unlike workers compensation are usually handled by a personal injury lawyer in Columbia SC who understand the complex nature of injury and illness from alleged negligence.

Auto accident claims must be dealt with quickly by a SC Columbia lawyer who can represent you with a free consultation and represent you against the insurance companies.

While Belinda Ellison is primarily a Columbia SC workers compensation attorney personal injury, she works with all clients who have been hurt on the job, car accident auto, construction, boating, or motorcycle accidents. Again, she offers a free consultation.


5 Responses to “Columbia SC Workers Compensation Attorney Personal Injury”

  1. Lanette on August 20th, 2015 3:28 pm

    I was in a automobile accident in Columbia SC three days ago and the other driver was cited as being in the wrong and she did not have automobile insurance and my car is now disabled needing thousands of dollars in repairs.

    I am currently now without a car and it is affecting my employment. If I rent a car how would I ever get reimbursed?

  2. Mark on September 12th, 2015 2:09 pm

    I live in Columbia SC and have a personal injury law question. I was in a automobile accident 3 years ago and at the time I didn’t have any injuries, or so I thought, and I did not get checked out medically and the other driver’s insurance company payed to have my car fixed.

    But now I am having medical issues I think are related to the car accident. Is it too late to pursue a personal injury claim or lawsuit?

  3. Belinda Ellison on September 14th, 2015 9:31 am

    If you were an adult 3 years ago when the auto accident happened, it is too late to file a claim. In South Carolina, there is a 3 year time limit, a statute of time limitations, often call the statute of limitations, that bars your claim. Even if time didn’t work against the claim, you would have to have a doctor say that the symptoms you are having now are related to the 3 years ago wreck. Sounds like a couple of obstacles to bringing a claim for personal injury at this time.

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    Workers compensation Columbia lawyer personal injury to file a claim after a motor vehicle accident. Your SC Columbia lawyer personal representation.

  4. Belinda Ellison on September 14th, 2015 9:35 am

    Lanette, A personal injury attorney with experience should look at your auto policy for backup coverage for exactly this type situation. Some people purchase coverage that covers what you are facing.

  5. Timothy on September 29th, 2015 10:26 am

    If I am hurt on the job in Columbia SC, I know that it is covered by workers compensation. But what about if the injury is long term or the employer was not following OSHA guidelines, is there a claim for personal injury or negligence?

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